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Cinque Terre December 9th - 13th 2024

Cinque Terre December 9th - 13th 2024

Black and white long exposure photography workshop. 


    4 days of tuition December 9th - 13th, black and white long exposure photography workshop in Cinque Terre



    Experience: Beginner to Advanced


    Max Places: 5


    Cost: £2000


    Includes: Long Exposure Fine Art Photography, Black and White Post Processing Workflow


    Duration: 4 full days from 7am to 6pm


    Location Overview: Venice Italy, Join me and photograph one of the most iconic locations for the fine art long exposure photographer, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a wealth of classic compositions and stunning locations. 


    What you will learn:  Learn to create stunning black and white fine art images to a professional standard, A complete and comprehensive overview on using neutral density filters and grads. Learn my technique for accurately calculating exposure times with exposures running into many minutes, learn to create bold and striking compositions for architecture, cityscapes and minimalist fine art. Learn my in-camera settings to achieve clean and sharp images ready for post processing, learn how to use live view manual focusing and understand depth of field for hyperfocal focusing.


    Post Processing: A complete step by step demonstration of my black and white post processing workflow for my published photos, using Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Nik Silver Efex Pro and DxO optics pro 10


    Post Processing Topics: RAW conversions, B&W conversions, How to making accurate selections in Photoshop, Channels and Layers, Photoshop Calculations, Alpha Channel Selections, Selective Gradient Masking, Luminosity Masking, Apply Image masking, Levels and Curves, Dodging and Burning layers, Gradient maps and Sharpening. My Lightroom workflow


    Camera Equipment: You will need a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera that has BULB mode, your favourite lenses, a sturdy tripod, a remote shutter release, 10 stop filter, a 6 stop filter, or a 16 stop filter, spare batteries. A laptop can be brought along on the workshop for post processing directly to your computor.


    I have spare ND filters if needed, please let me know your requirements.

    The workshop is extremely thorough and comprehensive, I have had amazing feedback from photographers that have previously taken the course

    If you need further information, please get in touch using the contact form on the website, or email me direct at


    Please email for more information.


    Please note, flights and accommodation are not included in the price. 


    Only 5 places available 

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